What advertising formats are there in the online cinema?

TV is still the main platform for government advertising campaigns and which take big part of promotional budgets. A TV commercial is usually a short video between different TV programs or between different parts of one program.

In recent years the Internet as an advertising platform has greatly developed. However, TV is still its main competitor and consumes a big part of promo budgets. We believe that TV promotion is not as effective as the Internet one:
📌 On TV you get into an advertising marathon and have to fight with dozens of competitors for a single ad block;
📌 You have no statistics on how many people have seen your commercial, who have watched it till the end, where they have come across it and so on;
📌 TV audience is used to switching channels during ads and seek something more interesting. So, there is a huge risk that your commercial won’t be even noticed;
📌 TV is often only a background for routine tasks. That’s why people don’t pay attention to what is going on in the screen;
📌 The world has become faster. We have much more information than before, but only a little time. The audience is not ready to watch the content checking with channel timetable, they want to watch it in a time convenient for them;
📌 The quality of TV content has been getting worse and worse with each day.

So, where is the audience? What does it want? Where and why does it watch something?

Nowadays more than 5 billion people use the Internet. Can you imagine it?
More and more people prefer streaming services to cable TV. According to the Nielsen research , in 2022 34.8% of respondents opted for streaming services and 34.4% chose cable TV, while in 2021 online cinema viewers amounted only to 26%, while cable TV viewers showed the figure of 39%.

Let’s look at the world most popular online cinemas:
· Netflix — 8% of streaming audience;
· HULU — 3.6% of streaming audience;
· Prime Video — 3% of streaming audience;
· Disney + 1.8% of streaming audience;
· HBOMAX — 1% of streaming audience.

In Russia there are 146 million people. 124 million of them (or 85%) are Internet users. The average time spent at streaming platforms is 3 hours 13 minutes a day. The most popular streaming platform in Russia is YouTube, but if we look at the statistics on the platform most popular requests we will see that almost a half of them are related to movies, TV series and cartoons.

Now let’s talk about online cinemas in Russia. The most popular services are:
· Kinopoisk HD — 127 million visitors per month;
· IVI — 50 million visitors per month;
· Okko — 7 million visitors per month;
· KION — 2.12 million visitors per month.

Monthly audience of online platforms in Russia and CIS is about 67 million people. And only 8.5 million are subscribed (with no ads). So, we can suppose that more than 58 million people use online cinemas for free and they are our target audience.

What ad formats are there in online cinemas?
All formats can be divided into 2 groups:
1. Media buying is the purchase of commercials, creative banners placement and entire pages branding.
2. Special projects are interesting non-standard projects together with cinemas or content producers.

Media buying:
Multi-roll is a basic ad format giving the maximum coverage and the highest level of attention to the ad. It is ideal for placing videos up to 20 seconds long. It allows visiting the advertiser’s website.
Devices: desktop, smart TV, smartphones.

Video "How multi-roll works"

Pause banner is an effective tool for advertising which is activated when the viewing is paused. This tool allows using creative animation.
Devices: desktop, smartphones.

· TV Diagonals
· Brand TV
· Content
· Contact frequency
· Social dem characteristics

· Frequency of contact with a device
· Percentage of video screening
· Coverage

These are the main tools that are great for working with such indicators as brand or product awareness. The main difference is that you can control the audience interest in a moment and adjust budgets by redistributing to different online cinemas or choosing new targeting.

Special projects

Movie collection — a thematic collection of films with branding is an excellent tool both for increasing the loyalty of your current customers and for attracting new ones. It can be a part of an image advertising campaign accompanied by media and advertorials.

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General sponsorship — streaming platforms allow you to hold music concerts, arrange sightseeing tours, excursions to museums or galleries, and even broadcast sports events online. What is more, your brand can become the general sponsor of such events.

Co-promo and cross-promo — is a combination of 2 brands in 1 campaign. In our case, it is a collaboration of movies and brands. This format allows you to use well-known characters from different movie universes which are close to your brand, thus attracting fans.

Conclusion: in the United Arabian Emirates 1.8 million people are video streaming users. 1.8 million people adore movies and TV series. VoD platform functions allow us to create unique projects such as movie collections or your own live concerts. And together with original content producers and distributors we can make collaborations with famous movie characters.