Visit Monaco. Beautiful life is not only in the movies.

For us, 2021 started not with New Year celebrations but with the launch of a special project about a beautiful life and long awaited journeys.

Project objectives:
·      Creating an image of Monaco as a tourist destination for people with different income levels;
·      Raising brand-awareness;
·      Introducing the country and its culture through the cinema project.

Materials provided by our partners gave information about the region famous locations where well-known movies had been shot. 

Rambler editors teamed with Visit Monaco to create a special virtual trip guide around Monaco. The guide included the Monte-Carlo casino which has constantly been used as a location for popular films such as a James Bond movie starring Sean Connery; Lavrotto beach which was the first shooting point for ‘Monte Carlo’ starring Selena Gomez, and so on.

We integrated an interactive test ‘In the footsteps of your favorite characters’ into our partner materials, and those who took the test received an opportunity to get a promo code for the special ‘Okko & Visit Monaco’ collection of movies shot in Monaco region.

Planned KPIs have been achieved during the project:
Media ads reach – 2 900 000
Material reach – 64 000
Film collection reach – 24 000

The media ads reach of advertorials has been fulfilled by 214%.
According to the results of the project we have exceeded the number of unique views by almost 13%. Despite all the restrictions, traveling remains a relevant topic for the audience.

The average time spent at the article page was 4:10 minutes which is a great indicator (the average time spent on a section was 2 minutes).

Media impressions

We created animated banners with the images of the main Monaco sights. Thus, banner CTR has exceeded the planned figures.

The article was original and it was placed on the right resource that’s why we have managed to achieve all the planned KPI figures. 

The interactive test gave us a chance to increase readers’ involvement and broaden their knowledge of Monaco history and facts.