New Year SBER. Extender on IVI.

This winter, the SBER team decided to replace traditionally sentimental New Year's ads with a warm and sincere smile — something that we have all been missing lately. So in their ‘main campaign of the outgoing year’ they showed how the ecosystem’s modern services could look like throughout the bank’s 180-year history.

They created a funny video depicting episodes of the XIX century New Year's Eve shopping, allusions to the early 20th century delivery service, and other ideas of the ecosystem solutions which helped the users of the past create an atmosphere of a warm family holiday.

What if SberMarket appeared more than 100 years ago

What is Extension?
Since the full video lasts for about 2 minutes, and ad videos placed on the IVI online cinema usually have the timing of only 15 seconds, we decided to opt for Extension. It allows you to show long videos to users after their consent, thus making visible the most engaged audience.

What is more, we conducted A/B testing as part of the placement. For that, we transformed the film into two separate one minute videos, each representing a different set of services.

Extension is an ad placement option when for the first 10 seconds of the video a user sees an overlay which offers to watch the video up to the end. Then the user has two options:
1. Not to click on the overlay and watch a 5-second packshot with the company main message and a reminder to watch the video in full;
2. To click on the overlay and watch the whole video to the end.

We have already talked about this and other IVI options in the article ‘Not a single multi-roll. 7 advertising formats on IVI’.

Campaign results in figures:
Full views (100%) of the base part of the video - 90.3%
Extension activation / Engagement Rate - 3.8%
Full views of the extended part of the video - 62.5%
Clicks with the transition to the site / CTR - 2.1%