Visit Dubai: it’s your time to travel!

On New Year’s Eve 2022 7MARTA Agency together with Visit Dubai launched a special project about an incredible Emirate on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

Project objectives: 
·      Raising awareness of such a tourist destination as Dubai among Russian holidaymakers;
·      Encouraging Russian tourists to visiting Dubai;
·      Providing information on a wide range of tourist destinations to suit every taste;
·      Holding a competition with a giveaway trip to Dubai to spark the audience interest to the project.


Visit Dubai partnered with Rambler to create a landing page with the main information about the various types of entertainment and itineraries at your desire. 

Everyone visiting the landing page had an opportunity to choose one of the three routes. Those were ‘Time to relax’ for those who value calm and relaxing recreation; “More experience” for those who enjoy extreme and exciting types of recreation; and “Try everything” for those who desire to make the experience as extensive as possible. 

Each article had a mention of one of the largest and most important events, which was EXPO 2020. The venue provided fascinating entertainment solutions for each recreation type. 
At the beginning of the landing page and at the end of each route the page users were asked to take a test and find out which recreation type suited them best. 

Everyone taking the test had a chance to take part in a competition and win the main prize, a trip for two to Dubai.

The test was taken by 8 478 respondents and 170 of them took part in the competition by sharing the information about the itineraries in their social media.

Unique hashtags #want_to_Dubai and #Visit_Dubai helped us find all the reposts and decide the winner of the trip for two to Dubai. The prize went to Victoria Gruzintseva from Moscow.

In the project, the planned KPIs have been achieved:
Media impressions – 22 950 370;
Media reach – 10 945 370;
Clicks – 322 360;
Landing page visitors – 200 800;
Number of the tests taken – 3 328.


The main KPI of the project included media reach (the number of unique users who have seen the materials); the number of the project visitors (the number of users who have visited the landing page) and the number of users who have passed the test (the number of people who have got involved into the project).

We have managed to achieve the predicted results for each indicator:
- the reach has been fulfilled by 157%; 
- the number of the project visitors has been fulfilled by 100%; 
- the number of people who passed the test have exceeded the predicted result by 88%. 

We separately placed advertorials and banner ads on Rambler resources for better project outreach. CTR has exceeded the predicted figures and has reached 1.45% thus having brought extra 11 700 clicks. 

After the project started, we analyzed user’s behavior and made the following adjustments to achieve the KPI: we changed the button at the first screen to increase the conversion of taking the test; we also changed the font of the button on the third screen and made the card clickable; and finally, we restarted the separate placement of the ads to increase the number of advertorials views.