Miele – special project. When technology plays a role.

The end of 2020 was full of special projects, one of which was a thematic collection of films with partner materials from Miele presented in the Okko online cinema.

Project objectives:
·      Increasing brand awareness;
·      Creating the image of Miele as a premium brand of home appliances which make life easier and better;
·      Providing more information about the German brand you can trust.
Partner materials provided by Miele explained how you can change your kitchen and the whole life using the examples of movie characters whose fate could have been absolutely different if they had Miele technologies.

Rambler editors teamed with Miele and imagined how Rachel’s life (‘Friends’) would have changed if she had used a Miele built-in coffee machine.
Or how different could have been the life of Elia (‘The Taming of the Scoundrel’) if he had had a multifunctional wine fridge.
We integrated the interactive test ‘What is missing in your kitchen’ into the partner materials, and those who took it received a chance to get a promo code for a special ‘Okko & Miele’ collection of films which inspire cooking. 

Planned KPIs have been achieved in the project:
Media reach – 4 200 000;
Material reach – 75 000;
Film collection reach – 25 000;
Number of tests taken – 3 328.

The advertorial reach has been fulfilled by 440%.
The results have shown that unique views were exceeded by almost 87%. So, the audience is eager to learn more about Miele, its flagship and brand-new products. 
The average time spent at the article page was 4:36 minutes which is a great indicator (the average time spent on a section was 2 minutes).

The media announcement of the project.
Media impressions:
We created animated banners with the images of Miele products. Thus, banner CTR has exceeded the planned figures.

The article was original and it was placed on the right resource that’s why we have managed to achieve all the planned KPI figures. 
The interactive test gave us a chance to increase readers’ involvement and broaden their awareness of the brand main products.

Overall, 3 328 test have been taken, which has exceeded the planned figures by 66%. We have managed to achieve this result because users who took the test were offered a free extended 45 day subscription to the Okko online cinema.