Birkenstock Performance Campaign

Context: well-known brand, low efficiency of communication through sales, season

1.  Changing communication focus from discounts to the product key features (orthopedic insole and comfort);
2.  Attracting 10 new audience groups and preparing personalized communication solution for each of them;
3.  Creating communication solutions for certain product segments;
4.  Doubling up CRR;
5.  Conducting the testing of different communication solutions for retargeted audience groups.

What we did: 
1.  We prepared a commercial calendar;
2.  After that, the audience was divided into groups by age, gender and region. We developed personalized communication solutions for each group: the younger segment had a focus on fashion/ the older one focused more on health and comfort). 
3.  Finally, we held a series of tests and scaled successful matchings with the help of budget.

1.  CRR has grown to 105% with the same budget
2.  5 sustainable audience groups with different communication solutions have been formed (new categories have been launched and discounts have been provided for previous groups)