It seems like I saw you in a movie…

Today we are going to talk about something we are really good at – advertising in cinema!

Nowadays each platform is packed with different ads, and it’s hard to catch someone’s attention. That’s why, if you want your company to be noticed by the audience you need to use unusual, interesting ways of communication. In this article we want to introduce you one of these ways, which is product placement. 

What is product placement?

We’ve already told you about co-promo, cross-promo and product placement. In this article we will talk more about the last one. 
Product placement is a form of native advertising when a product or service used by characters in TV series or movies has a real commercial counterpart.

We make your product a part of a movie, of its characters’ lives and thus show the audience its advantages and disadvantages, and how it helps characters (and the audience) in solving different tasks in various situations. 


There are plenty of examples of how Product Placement is actively used in world famous movies or series, but here we are going to focus on examples of integration into Russian TV series.  

Let’s start with the integration into one of the most popular and highly rated series of 2021-2022, a comedy ‘Middle Lane Vampires’.

In the New Year episode Pringles organically fit into a funny 7-minute scene where you could see all the main characters. The table set for New Year… Well, who wouldn't like chips on the holiday?

The second example is Miele integration into the ‘Kept Women’ series. Miele is a premium household appliances brand, and ‘Kept Women’ is a TV series about luxurious life. 4 different Miele products were integrated into different episodes. This TV series has been watched by 15 million people who got a clear association that Miele is an integral part of premium life.

Why is it a great decision?

The main advantages of product placement are: 
📌 Movies and TV series are content which audience chooses on their own. Especially if we talk about online platforms where you can easily pick content with your favorite actors, producers and so on. So, in such a context advertising receives higher loyalty. 
📌 Movies and TV series can show your product in a more detailed way than a short commercial. Product placement also makes it possible to focus on building a product consumption model.
📌 You can enhance advertising communication by inviting actors to OLV advertising, thereby increasing the synergetic effect.
📌 According to the movie or TV series genre we can create peculiar or funny scenes that increase memorability.
📌 You can create an ad with a celebrity. 

What movies or TV series should you choose?

Leave a request and we will come back to you with a presentation of projects suitable specifically for your products or services.