Special projects in cinema: 3 great ideas 🚀

Autumn is a productive period for the world of cinema. It’s the time of the latest premieres and lots of viewers. In this article we would like to draw your attention to special and unique projects in cinema.

Let us remind that 7MARCH Agency is not only about media placements but also about special projects in cinema. We successfully work with different directions and scales; we create projects from scratch and always achieve our goals 🎯.

You want a catchy project? You’ll get it! You need something creative? You’ll get it! Cinema and brands are close, and with the help of unique ideas blended with popular movies we can create interesting eye-catching projects.🔥 

We have no limit in opportunities and always ready to help you! 7MARCH Agency is like Marvel, DC and Terminator altogether but in advertising. Unique formats of online and offline special projects will let the audience feel the brand, understand it and see its main advantages.  Our projects main goals are to captivate, to entertain and to be remembered.🤓

Special projects in online cinemas

It is a spectacular format with plenty of interactive opportunities and game controllers that allow people to interact with the brand while watching movies and TV series online. 7MARCH Agency implements ideas that attract attention and bring positive emotions! 

Special projects in movie theaters

7MARCH Agency organizes different kinds of events in movie theaters. We are not afraid of experiments, which is why we always make our project audience and crew happy. Remember that we know how to create really unique one-of-a-kind projects. 💡

Advertising in the cinema

Co-promo is a combination of 2 brands in 1 campaign. In our case, it is a collaboration of movies and brands. Co-promo appreciates the wishes from both parties, thus enhancing creative synergy. 

Product placement is a form of native advertising when a product or service used by characters in TV series or movies has a real commercial counterpart. Believe us, it looks amazing!

There is no doubt, everyone loves movies, and we suggest you going beyond ordinary placements and create something fantastic together! Our special projects in cinema have lots of features which help us carry the audience right into the world of movies and TV series. Let’s do it together! 💃

Remember that 7MARCH Agency values comfort and usefulness. Our top priority is always having a dialogue with our clients and picking the most effective tools suitable specifically for your brand.