National Geographic Performance Campaign

Context: a brand of expedition winter jackets wishing to launch their product for a new market; low brand-awareness; out of season

1.  Conducting a test promo campaign;
2.  Increasing the number of orders;
3.  Retaining ROMI

What we did:
1.  We teamed with designers to create a series of short videos about the brand and main advantages of its clothes (responsible production, style and professionalism) and launched the campaign to boost the views on Facebook.
2.  After that, we divided the audience into 2 groups: people who watched 75% of the videos or more, and people who watched them for more than 5 seconds. 
3.  Then, we gave retargeted users a unique promo code on the first order and collected other retargeted audience groups based on the standard funnel of the store (product card views, adding to cart, initiating the order) and analyzed their activity through personalized advertising.

1.  ROMI reduction;
2.  Sales growth by 100%;
3.  Remarketing audience growth from 0 to 2000 users.